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U.S. Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Roman Nelson embarks on one final mission before retirement, but when things go horribly wrong and his fiancée and unborn child are caught in the crosshairs, can the battered soldier learn to live again?

Wounded in a secret mission ordered by the President and racked with guilt and PTSD over the death of his family, Roman returns to his small hometown in Gates, Oregon. But, despite his best efforts to rebuild his shattered life, the former Navy SEAL can't leave the demons of the past behind when a chance encounter with a beautiful young woman sparks a nearly deadly PTSD flashback.

Events are also conspiring to draw the former SEAL back to his old life. Caught up in a twisted vendetta against this new acquaintance and her father, the state's Governor, Roman must use his special training and skills to protect them both as he works to uncover the identity of this unknown assailant.

As Roman embarks on this new mission, and as the bond between the former soldier and the woman that he is bound to protect grows, will he finally be able to capture a second chance at life, or will the tragedy of his past life follow him into the future?




Retired Navy SEALS, Roman Nelson, and Jimmy Stockade discover love is complex. The characters of Hawkeye Ridge continue in 'On Presidential Orders' as each deals with the women they love. Facing Islamic terrorists striving to restart the war to free their homeland, Roman's retired SEAL Team must deal with sabotage, suicide bombers, and high profile kidnappings. Will the thwarted love of one of the terrorists provide the clue to rescuing the women they love? Riveting action and compelling personalities will capture you.


Book III  


The Hawkeye Ridge Series

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The second cousin of the Russian premier is running an illicit drug/sex and human trafficking ring. He is charged with disrupting the fabric of American life.

A young Costa Rican exchange student runs afoul of the MS-13 gang.

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Operation Betty


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