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U.S. Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Roman Nelson embarks on one final mission before retirement, but when things go horribly wrong and his fiancée and unborn child are caught in the crosshairs, can the battered soldier learn to live again?

Wounded in a secret mission ordered by the President and racked with guilt and PTSD over the death of his family, Roman returns to his small hometown in Gates, Oregon. But, despite his best efforts to rebuild his shattered life, the former Navy SEAL can't leave the demons of the past behind when a chance encounter with a beautiful young woman sparks a nearly deadly PTSD flashback.

Events are also conspiring to draw the former SEAL back to his old life. Caught up in a twisted vendetta against this new acquaintance and her father, the state's Governor, Roman must use his special training and skills to protect them both as he works to uncover the identity of this unknown assailant.

As Roman embarks on this new mission, and as the bond between the former soldier and the woman that he is bound to protect grows, will he finally be able to capture a second chance at life, or will the tragedy of his past life follow him into the future?



The “Hawkeye Ridge” series continues in this stand-alone book, ‘ON PRESIDENTIAL ORDERS.”The former leaders of the SEAL’S Hostage Rescue Team, Lt. Commander Roman Nelson and Chief Warrant Officer Jimmy Stockade, have rescued hostages worldwide at the president’s request, dealing with sabotage, suicide bombers, and kidnappings.But when Islamic terrorists strive to restart the war to free their homeland by kidnapping Roman’s fiancé and her bridal party, including the president’s daughter, they are in new territory.Can retired Navy Seals Roman Nelson and Jimmy Stockade navigate the complexities of romantic relationships with their women while rescuing the bridal party?Who took the women they love? Where are they? Why were they kidnapped, and what will the president authorize in their action plan?


Riveting action and compelling personalities await you in Book Two of the Hawkeye Ridge Series.


This stand-alone book continues characters of the “Hawkeye Ridge Series” in:


Xavier (Rodriguez) Lee is a young Costa Rican exchange student who desires to become a French Chef. Running afoul of the MS-13 gang and framed for murder, he enters prison. When his sister and foster sister become enslaved by the MS-13 gang and ultimately killed, he fine-tunes his martial arts skills with vengeance in mind.

How can he gain release from prison? Will he choose justice or vengeance?

What can Xavier do to save the soccer team and its coach?

What can Xavier do to save the soccer team and its coach? How can Roman ‘the Ghost’ Nelson and Jimmy ‘Smoke’ Stockade, of the Hostage Rescue Team, find Xavier? Will he allow himself to be rescued?


Framed, but convicted of murder, Biggie Jones overhears a conversation in the prison’s exercise yard that terrifies him.

White supremacist and KKK organizations conspire to capture the Oregon capital and put the governor and legislators on trial while terrorizing Portland’s black community.

Mary Beth is the only one Biggie knows with access to warn the governor of the attacks.

Will the governor listen to her? Can Roman’s Hostage Rescue Team arrive in time? Will Mary Beth put aside her racist upbringing to love a black man?


Bryce Wilhelm III, Captain of the U.S. Equestrian Team, was raised in a life of privilege. Fiercely rebelling against his father's parental dictates to become a doctor, he joins the Army and becomes a Green Beret. He serves as the aide to General Prescott, who runs a classified anti-terrorism unit, Bryce becomes his 'troubleshooter.' Severely wounded and discharged from the Army, Bryce agrees to continue to function as General Prescott's undercover 'troubleshooter' on Volcano Ranch, guarding the ranch and General Prescott's daughter, Celine. What secrets does the ancient volcano hold?


Hans is the son of one of the four ruling Councilors of Liberty Island and heir to the family manufacturing firms in Europe. Highly trained self-defense skills give him confidence, but his success as an acclaimed fashion designer and entrepreneur propel his reputation as an international playboy. Thrust into the leadership of the family’s businesses and Island politics when his father and brother are assassinated, Hans begins his quest to hold those guilty accountable. He does so, knowing that accountability requires him to lead an insurrection. Outmanned and outgunned, he must prepare in secret. Shocked, he discovers the Islands premier is supplying drugs to the El Cartel del Tigre, and another co-counselor is building their narco-subs for shipments to the American west coast. His pristine island is deeply involved in drug smuggling. Can Hans find Andrea Black, the cartel’s hostage, before the U.S. government sends in the Marines? Can Roman Nelson, retired commander of the SEALS elite Hostage Recovery Team, help Hans and prevent the Marines from landing?

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